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SVN Code update

October 21, 2011

I haven’t written any code in a while, but I’ve fixed some things today. I fixed the steam code, t stopped working for some reason, I just read it and found some things had been deleted. Anyway, I also added a new material (Oil), it’s implemented and working except for the reactions. I will write them tomorrow. The full source code is in the SVN repository of my google.code page:


Have a good one.

SVN repository

September 11, 2011

I’ve set up all the sourcecode in, so you can check it out through SVN. In order to get the last revision, just “cd” to where you want the project to be, and type:

svn checkout Sandbox

All the files will be in the automatically created folder “Sandbox”. It’s a NetBeans project, so if you use any other IDE you will have to create a new project in the same directory with the IDE and import the sourcecode files.

I will be updating the project every 4 or 5 days, but I will only upload info about new versions in this blog when I make big changes. Remember you can download the full project with GNU/Linux binaries directly in my google.code page:

First release of Sandbox

September 7, 2011

I’m proud to announce the first alpha release of Sandbox, after only a week of spare time development.

I still have to fix bugs and add more things, elements, reactions, extras, etc. The archive includes the full project under GPL v3, binaries and sourcecode (NetBeans project).

You can download it here:

I accept comments, suggestions, and everything you want to send, I will answer all emails:

mygeekystuff (at) gmail (dot) com










Sandbox update

September 7, 2011

This is gonna be the last update before the first  beta release (probably).

I’ve added materials BOMB and FUSE which complement each other and I’ve fixed some problems with my shitty pseudo-random # generator. For some reason, I had a variable which simply added one to itself (++) everyloop: if I neededa 50-50 probability, I did something like if (counter%2 == 0) and so on. I don’t know why I thought that would be a good idea. Anyway, instead of changing it all I just changed the thing that add numbers to that variable using the rand() function, so it’s “more” random.

I still have to make a couple of changes before releasing it, specially two: one of them is a problem with particles when they’re affected by the explosion, sometimes they go to far from where they were and they get blocked for some reason, I will try to find that out.

The other is a problem with the function TTF_RenderText_Solid, it workd perfectly (NetBeans IDE), but when I generate the GNU/Linux executable and run it from console, it gives me a segmentation violation when it reaches that function, I use pointers there so it’s probably something with them, but I will try to fix that too.

Like always, here you have the video with the explosion demostration.


Sandbox game update

September 2, 2011

I have added a couple of things, both of them inspired by the “dust” game at (Powder Game)

  • One of them is having a double brush, with a primary brush type, which will be what you will draw on the screen, and a second type, that only does something with some elements, like the new one I have put, which is:
  • Firework, you put it, you light it with fire or magma, and it flies up before exploding, this is the only one so far that uses the second brush type feature. So if brush type is anything different to CLEAR, it will explode producing 8 of these particles.
I leave here a video showing it with an interesting example of the firework thing. We pause the game (speed = 0), we draw two lines of firework, one above the other. One of them is earth, and the other is water, we draw a fire line under them and resume the game with speed = 1. When they explode, it results in earth and water together producing floating plants.
Here you go:
Have a good one.

Sandbox game, first alpha preview

August 31, 2011

I have started a clone of the well known sand games, in which you have some elements that act like sand and interact with each other. I’m programming it in C++ in a GNU/Linux system, although I haven’t used anything that wouldn’t work on Windows, so the code will be easily portable. I’m using SDL for the graphics, and no more.

At this moment, I have only some elements and simple reactions, and that’s why I’m not releasing an executable nor the sourcecode yet, which will be probably released under GPL.

I will leave a video with a half showing some reactions, and the second showing how temperature has been added to the game, making a desalination¬†process: in one side we have a bowl, and in the other side there’s another. In the first one we add salt water or water and then salt, which will mix. Then we connect both with a tube and put ice at the end of the tube, which will cold the water steam and let it fall into the second bowl, leaving us with the salt in one bowl and the water in the other.

I will be updating it with the things I put in the game.