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First release of Sandbox

September 7, 2011

I’m proud to announce the first alpha release of Sandbox, after only a week of spare time development.

I still have to fix bugs and add more things, elements, reactions, extras, etc. The archive includes the full project under GPL v3, binaries and sourcecode (NetBeans project).

You can download it here:

I accept comments, suggestions, and everything you want to send, I will answer all emails:

mygeekystuff (at) gmail (dot) com











August 31, 2011

Here’s my second app to upload, again, a game programmed in C# using the XNA framework.

You need .NET to execute it.

This consist in the old game that you could make following the xna tutorial, doing this I learned XNA and then I continued and added lots of extras to the game, which are:

  • A beggining menu with Spanish/English option for the game
  • Score
  • Chain killing
  • Score multipliers
  • Different size and speed enemies
  • Simple physics, gravity and rotation for killed ufos
  • Some enemies drop boxes when you killed them
  • Lives
  • Extras if you hit this boxes: (no gravity, super gravity, super speed, slow enemies, more lives, a thunder who kills enemies if they reach the end, missiles, missiles that follow enemies, etc )
  • A simple independent particle system that I made and implemented into this game that shows up when you kill enemies
  • And some more I don’t remember
You have the executable en project folder in my page:

Game of Life simulator with XNA

August 31, 2011

Hey folks, first post about an app.

It’s the second thing I made after learning C# and XNA. It has some preset figures like gliders or the glider cannon, and two editing modes: one in which you just select pixels to activate and another one in which you move the cursor with keys leaving a trace of pixels, activate that and have fun with the random results.

It requires .NET Framework to be installed on your computer. I just have  couple of Windows-only apps, more coming for GNU/Linux or multiplatform.

I’m uploading from Linux, so I haven’t executed it and I made like two years ago, so I don’t remember a lot about it, here you have the executables, and, like I will always do with a (more or less) finished project, here you have the sourcecode in