I am, at the current date (8/31/2011) an 18 year old guy who loves likes to program computers, specially in C/C++, and to make programs just for fun.

It all began when I wanted to create my own video-games, and found out the great RPG Maker which was just perfect for me, this happened when I was like 13 years old and I didn’t know anything about programming, I had had my first computer one week before, and if I had seen a piece of C code I would have thought that was some weird code for something that only a couple of people in the world could understand. Then I discovered that RPG Maker used a scripting code (a version of Ruby), that I didn’t understand, but at least I discovered that there was something that gave you more power that a simple program to make rpg games and that you had to write something. So, I don’t remember how (it’s been 5 years since that), I found a web in which I learned C at the age of 13. I still remember that page, and the course I with which I learned is still available for free (I have never paid for anything related to computers (not even my computer which was a gift, so I think that you can learn whatever you want if you really want it and are patient) there ElRinconDelC.

After that I could only write extremely simple programs, but with the time I got experience, learned other languages, like HTML, PHP (I made a little project of a social network that worked). I learned C# when I knew I could write programs for the XBOX using XNA, and made a couple of simple things too, and I carried on gaining experience with simple things, and know, I have decided to open this blog and a page in code.google to upload all these things a like doing.

By the way, I’m from Spain, I hope you forgive the English mistakes I will probably make writing in English, but at least I don’t use online translators, those sucks so much http://www.ackuna.com/badtranslator.

You can write me to mygeekystuff@gmail.com

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