Sandbox game update

I have added a couple of things, both of them inspired by the “dust” game at (Powder Game)

  • One of them is having a double brush, with a primary brush type, which will be what you will draw on the screen, and a second type, that only does something with some elements, like the new one I have put, which is:
  • Firework, you put it, you light it with fire or magma, and it flies up before exploding, this is the only one so far that uses the second brush type feature. So if brush type is anything different to CLEAR, it will explode producing 8 of these particles.
I leave here a video showing it with an interesting example of the firework thing. We pause the game (speed = 0), we draw two lines of firework, one above the other. One of them is earth, and the other is water, we draw a fire line under them and resume the game with speed = 1. When they explode, it results in earth and water together producing floating plants.
Here you go:
Have a good one.

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