Here’s my second app to upload, again, a game programmed in C# using the XNA framework.

You need .NET to execute it.

This consist in the old game that you could make following the xna tutorial, doing this I learned XNA and then I continued and added lots of extras to the game, which are:

  • A beggining menu with Spanish/English option for the game
  • Score
  • Chain killing
  • Score multipliers
  • Different size and speed enemies
  • Simple physics, gravity and rotation for killed ufos
  • Some enemies drop boxes when you killed them
  • Lives
  • Extras if you hit this boxes: (no gravity, super gravity, super speed, slow enemies, more lives, a thunder who kills enemies if they reach the end, missiles, missiles that follow enemies, etc )
  • A simple independent particle system that I made and implemented into this game that shows up when you kill enemies
  • And some more I don’t remember
You have the executable en project folder in my code.google page:

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