Sandbox game, first alpha preview

I have started a clone of the well known sand games, in which you have some elements that act like sand and interact with each other. I’m programming it in C++ in a GNU/Linux system, although I haven’t used anything that wouldn’t work on Windows, so the code will be easily portable. I’m using SDL for the graphics, and no more.

At this moment, I have only some elements and simple reactions, and that’s why I’m not releasing an executable nor the sourcecode yet, which will be probably released under GPL.

I will leave a video with a half showing some reactions, and the second showing how temperature has been added to the game, making a desalination process: in one side we have a bowl, and in the other side there’s another. In the first one we add salt water or water and then salt, which will mix. Then we connect both with a tube and put ice at the end of the tube, which will cold the water steam and let it fall into the second bowl, leaving us with the salt in one bowl and the water in the other.

I will be updating it with the things I put in the game.

2 Responses to “Sandbox game, first alpha preview”

  1. Calantra Says:

    Hello!, im going to be the first that wrote a comment on your blog 🙂
    About your project… wow!!!, looks pretty good, i neever have saw before a sandbox game,but i think that is very interesting.
    Didn´t you use any physic engine for it?
    I like very much when you put water over the earth and the garss appears.
    The effects of the elements over other elements are very impresive.
    Well , i hope that your eyes don´t bleed with my english XD

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